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Plaster Repairs

How To Fix a Hole In A Plaster Wall

Plaster is a fantastic building material and pretty robust when it is taken care of. Keeping your plastered walls in good repair will save you money in the long run and minimise an extensive plaster repair bill when the little plaster cracks turn into a bigger plaster repair job. In Brisbane, plastering repairs and small cracks is something that you can easily do your self

Patching small holes and plaster cracks is easy and it is important that they are fixed.

Over time where the cracks or breaks are in the plasterboard, moisture damage is likely. Brisbane weather is already humid so keeping plasterboard intact and strong is important. Dust can also settle in cracks and when moisture hits the dust it will expand the crack and it will also discolour the area and make it really noticeable

Plaster patching kits are easily bought from a local hardware store and are easy to use. The Poly Kit which is available from Bunnings. It is straight forward to use and can fill in cracks and suitable to patch a hole up to 8cms and everything is included in the kit that you will need.

It is always a great idea to know what colour your walls are painted and to have a little spare paint to use with patch jobs

If their are numerous larger cracks or holes - you may need to call in the experts. At Brisbane Plaster Pro we can quickly repair and patch damaged walls for you.

patching a hole in a wall

Preventing Plaster Damage

The most common plaster repair we have to do is where a door knob or a door handle has made a hole in the wall. This damage is so easily avoided by making sure every doorway has a door stop.

They cost a couple of dollars and they will save you hundreds of dollars in plaster repairs.

If you are in a rental - Don't risk not getting your bond back by having plaster wall damage.

Ask your property manager for door stops or go and spend the money yourself. It will save you from trying to repair the plaster damage yourself or having the property manager use your bond money pay for a Brisbane handyman to fix it.

When hanging pictures on your walls - Use proper hanging screws.

Screws will hold into a plaster wall better than a nail or a tack. The screw will also cause less damage to the plaster surface. When putting in a nail or tack - often the plaster wall will chip when you are banging the nail in

If you have a room that is prone to dampness or moisture - Using a dehumidifier or moisture absorbing tubs will help to stop moisture damage in that room or area.Our tropical climate in Brisbane and extra moisture on the walls will weaken it and start the plasterboard to absorb the moisture and start to expand and crack as well as being the perfect area for mould to start growing.

Plaster can also crack when a house shifts on it's foundations. This is also called settling and often happens in a new home as the foundations adjust to the environment

The recent dry spell meant that the soil dried out and compacted causing many homes new and old, to develop cracks in various areas on the walls.

If possible ensuring that the earth around your home is kept at healthy soil moisture levels will help to ease this problem of the foundations moving and the opposite is also true if you tend to get a flooded area where there is poor drainage. Getting this water moving away from your home is an important job and you may need to consult a plumber or landscape gardener.

When Do I call A Plasterer?

If you notice cracks starting to widen at the top near the ceiling - then your ceiling may be shifting or moving.

If you notice that the plaster is bulging or bellying out - then the plasterboard is bowed out and may need to be re screwed into the wall.

If this is happening to your ceiling - then the plaster is either too heavy for the ceiling struts and not screwed in securely or their are not enough ceiling struts in the area to cope with the plaster weight load and you will need to call in a Brisbane plastering company in to repair this as a ceiling can come away and cause damage to anything underneath it.

Our professional plastering team is always on call to help with all your Brisbane plastering needs and plastering repairs.Call us on 07 3064 0686 .

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