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Need A New Ceiling?

New Ceiling Options

You are reclined back on the couch and you happen to look up and that is when you notice it!

The ceiling has some sort of sag happening and it is obvious the cornices are out of whack. Once you notice it, all you can now see every time you enter the room is the wonky ceiling!

The Brisbane heat and humidity, unfortunately it will affect a ceiling in how it looks. The standard plasterboard that is typically used for walls and cooler climate ceilings is not as durable as other plasterboard options.

The reasons why your ceiling might be sagging the ceiling joists are more than 600mm wide

Or is there is weight that the plasterboard is having to cope with.

This maybe ceiling insulation that is not installed properly and it is resting on the plaster sheets, or you may have had new down lights installed and they have added extra weight or have you had new ceiling fans installed?

These all increase the weight pulling on the plasterboard sheets.

Or maybe with the Brisbane storms there is some water damage happening above and it has weakened an area.

When you have your new ceiling installed there are specific ceiling plaster boards. These boards will be still 10mm thick, but they have an extra advanced performance-to-weight ratio, meaning greater strength in a substantially lighter board. The Gyprock brand has this ceiling board option and we love the finish it gives on a ceiling with a crisp finish

This ceiling plasterboard works perfectly for all residential and commercial ceiling options that are not exposed to high moisture levels like that in bathrooms.

At Brisbane Plaster Pro, we make sure that the plastering work and materials we use are suited for each area of the building and what sort of use that area will be used for.

cornice and ceiling

Ceiling and Cornice Types

Now that you know about what sort of plasterboard is best for your new ceiling, have you considered the different finishes that you can have ?

The Plain Ceiling is the most common ceiling and sometimes it is the only option when there are height constraints. The ceiling is flat plasterboard sheeting and typically painted either a true white or the same colour as the walls and cornices (if a shade of white has been used). The plaster sheets are attached to an aluminum frame or timber battens.

Cornices are recommended to gaps from appearing at where wall and ceiling seams or joins.

If you do not want cornices , you can look into a square set ceiling but they are an added expense.

90mm cornices are the standard option and they will always make a ceiling and wall join look finished.

If you have a character style home, ceilings and cornices played a big part in the overall aesthetics. Many of these homes have high ceilings and more ornate finishes give a fantastic overall look to a room.

You may want decorative cornice work and there are hundreds of design options readily available.

Decorative plaster panels are another option and add focal points into the feature rooms ceiling, the plaster panels are pre-moulded and unpainted and they do require some skill to lay them. Brisbane Plaster Pro's team are very experienced in working with all ceiling styles and product options.

Or if you prefer a more modern finish a 'P50 shadowline' gives the appearance of a floating ceiling. It will require a  Shadowline Bead installed before the plaster sheeting goes on.

It is important to get the right advice from plastering experts who will use the right Gyprock products for the Brisbane conditions. 

Getting this right will give you a perfect ceiling that whenever you look up, you will not see any glaringly obvious sags or unevenness.

At Brisbane Plaster Pro, we are all about looking after our customers by giving them the right advice and ensuring they get value for money and satisfaction that the job was done right!

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