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Plasterboard, also known as gyprock, drywall or wallboard, is one of the most commonly used building materials.

It is seen as an interior wall and ceiling cladding on most homes and commercial buildings today.

Even though it is used in most buildings, it is still a misunderstood building material. It is made from a gypsum core and either side is covered with a heavy paper.

Standard plasterboard sheets measure 2.4 metres in length by 1.2 metres in width and are 13mm thick.

The plasterboard edges are flat or slightly bevelled.

The bevelled edges allows a plasterer to smooth out the join area with plaster after nailing the boards to walls or ceilings.

Read more about different plaster types here

Decorative Plaster Work

Or Modern and Minimalist

We love doing restoration and decorative plastering and because of the high skill levels required to create flawless decorative looks. It also transfers over to creating a precise minimalist look.If a square set cornice or a stunning shadow line cornice and ceiling is your style, then we are the right people for the job.

A professional plasterer can create a smooth finish across the widest wall or ceiling. The wall will have a seamless appearance once it is painted.

Plasterboard walls can also have wallpaper or a texture compound (Textured finish sprayed or rolled on) applied to them.

shadowline cornice modern design

By offering complete interior solutions, we will save you time and money!

What Type Of Plaster To Use

Types of Plaster

Standard plasterboard is fire-resistant and has very good thermal and acoustic insulating properties in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries -

A water resistant plasterboard should be used in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries

There are acoustic plasterboard to help with sound proofing If you have a home theater or studio.

There is fire resistant plasterboard available if fire is a potential hazard In high fire danger areas.

We can help you work out what types of plasterboard will be needed for your new build or renovation

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The Level Of Finish

To ensure that your walls and ceilings look flawless there are design elements to consider.We will help guide you through this and we adhere to the Australian Standard

Levels of Finish

Levels of finish are defined in the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2589.1 : 1997 ‘Gypsum linings in residential and light commercial construction Application and Finishing.

This standard is intended to provide builders, plasterboard installers and finishers, and their customers with the various defined methods and practices necessary to meet the customer's expectations in terms of the ‘Level of Finish'.

How we get this result is by following these guidelines with the lighting and paint finishes that have been planned in your home or building. 

ceiling installation
shadowline cornice modern design

How Will Lighting Play A Part In The Final Result

Lighting - Artificial and Natural

Any imperfection in a finished lining installation will be very obvious with certain lighting conditions

Critical lighting or glancing light happens when the artificial or natural light source is nearly parallel to the surface.

It greatly highlights the depth of imperfections making them glaringly obvious.

Ways to minimise this

• Place fluorescent lights around 450mm below the ceiling, this gives a better distribution of light

• Use more lights. Install them at regular intervals to give an even light and reduce the occurrence of shadows.

• Recess light fittings into a ceiling

• Ensure that spotlights are positioned or angled correctly to minimise the highlighting of imperfections

• Have softer lighting instead of harsh lighting effects

• Avoid placing windows at the end of a wall

• Provide shades or screens over the windows that receive a lot of natural light

• Consider recessed windows to stop light hitting a wall​

We use only the highest quality materials available. We also make a point of staying up to date with any significant changes in the industry.

We use the best technology available to complete your work to a highest standard.

We provide our services to either residential or commercial customers

What Paint Or Wallpaper To Choose

Paint or Paper Finishes

The finish applied to your new walls, plays a huge part of the perceived quality of the plaster installation, particularly where critical lighting conditions exist. ( see above to read about the lighting)

General rules when selecting an applied finish:

• The difference in texture and absorption characteristic between the body of the sheet and the joint may show through some thin paint coatings

• Ceilings will show imperfections more than walls

• Textured or heavy patterned wall paper will hide imperfections

• Matt finishes minimises the visibility of imperfections

• Semi-gloss and gloss finishes will highlight any imperfections.

Lighter colours (when compared to darker colours) are:

• Less likely to show imperfections and any damage areas

• More effective at diffusing any light and reducing shadow effects, particularly in smaller rooms

• Gloss paints tend to show up any paint application issues and any surface imperfections

• Paint applied with a longer pile roller tends to mask imperfections better than those applied with a short pile roller.

It is important to specify the level of finish required in each area of the home during the design phase.

This will help to avoid disappointment in the final result. 

For more painting advice - Speak to the Brisbane Painter we recommend


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