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Queenslander Renovation Experts

Queenslanders are an iconic style and well renovated home is a much sought after purchase.

If you are ready to renovate your Queenslander – No doubt you have already worked out the era of your home and checked if the home is in a “Character Protection Area” or listen on the “Heritage Register”.

If the property is,may need to obtain a permit from the council to carry out any works on the property.

However, with the traditional Queenslander being iconic and representing Australian history, many of these homes are sought after. As a result, they are fetching premium values when sold, especially when fully restored.

We are qualified to do this renovation work and very experienced with Queenslander renos.

This is our favorite style of home to restore.

We love working with character details and bringing this iconic style house into the modern ages and keeping the style and features that makes it so special

Plasterboard Walls in a



They were usually VJ boards and these are still readily available.

You may want to consider keeping these walls in many

of the rooms such as the hallway and living areas but

replace walls in the bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms

with plasterboard,

If you are raising a house, plasterboard walls work

better in these lower rooms as well due diminished

natural light and the clean lines of plastered walls will

work better here than textured VJ paneling. 

Bringing in some period features like picture rails or wainscoting is a way to put back some of the character

pieces onto a newly renovated walls

Asbestos will be a common building material that is

found when renovating older homes.

If asbestos is discovered we are able to gt this quickly

and safely removed. By law it must be removed and

not just covered over.

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Ceiling Roses and High


Queenslander homes have soaring ceilings and with this much space to play with – Make the most of it with ceiling roses and decorative ceiling panels

Cracks in Walls


Cracks appearing on your walls can cause concern and

are super irritating .

When cracks appear in plasterboard usually when

there is change in direction or excess movement in the


We can help to minismise this by using the correct

plasterboard in areas where there is high water or

humidity levels

Keeping plasterboard (apart from the floor) isolated from structural elements.

Keeping joins at the recommended distance between

floors and ceilings

We can repair cracks

Contact us so we can provide a quote for you.

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How To Choose a Cornice

Ornamental Cornice

Cornices are the mouldings that sit where wall meet ceilings. They may also be referred to as coving or crown moulding.

This is where you can have some design fun and there is no limit to the cornice styles that are available in Australia.

They range from ornate to simple styles, but many people will find the choices on offer overwhelming.

Our suggestion is to take 5 things into consideration and this will make the whole process a lot easier.

These are:

What do you like?- you have to live with it so identify what appeals to you.

The style or Era of the home

Choose a timeless design and it will not be dated in 20 years time

Consider the period of the building, but don’t think you cannot select design elements from a different time.

The size of the room – a larger room can handle larger design elements or design statements. Remember – you do

not need to have the same cornices in every room. Smaller rooms can have a more simple design or a smaller version.

The height of the ceiling. The higher the ceiling in a room the bigger the cornice you can use.

Large cornice used in a room with low ceilings will create an out of proportion effect and appear to shrink the


A general guideline that may help you:

200mm cornice (8 inch) is used when the ceilings are 4.3 metres (14 foot) or higher

90mm – 120mm (3.5 – 5 inch) when the ceilings are above 2.75 metres (nine foot)

50mm – 70mm (2 – 2.75 inch) cornice for ceilings lower then 2.75 metres 

Smaller cornices are suitable for rooms with built in cabinetry for example kitchens or bathrooms.

How much light does your room get? If rooms are dark with small windows, its probably best to keep cornices

simple and elegant.​

A highly ornate cornice will not be appreciated in a dimly lit room.

Painting and decorative finishes applied to cornice surfaces will also have a significant effect due to lighting.

A matt finish paints hides imperfections whereas semi-gloss and gloss finishes can highlight any imperfections

How to DIY Self Plastering

Can I DIY Plastering?

If you’re doing minor home renovations, plastering is a viable DIY project.

Sheets can be easily cut with a saw or scored with a safety knife and snapped.

Your local hardware store will be able to supply you

with the nails, tape, plaster and tools you need.

Plaster or gyprock, is a safe building material to use

but try to avoid creating dust when you’re working

with it.

A disposable “paper” respiratory face mask will offer adequate protection. Gypsum particles can be an eye irritant, so protective glasses are also advised. Plaster sheets are very heavy and brittle, so it is advisable to have 2 people to carry or support large sheets.

If you have a large area to renovate or want to apply plasterboard to a ceiling, save your stress levels and let

us create a perfect wall and ceiling surface..

plasterboard installation

By offering complete interior solutions, we will save

you time and money!

100% guarantee

To learn more about our plastering and-renovation services in Brisbane call us to arrange for a free quote, simply contact us on (07) 30640686

We are available to complete any job you require, and are operational Monday to Saturday.

​We service the following areas

All of the Redlands – Capalaba, Wellington Point, Ormiston, Cleveland, Victoria Point

and Redland Bay

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