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Building Restoration Service

Australia has a rich heritage with many beautiful styles of homes from different eras all having their own heritage features which of course includes decorative plaster pieces.

In Brisbane we have bungalows built during the Art Deco era to Victorian terraces and of course our very own iconic Queenslanders

These homes all feature some sort of ornamental plaster work such as cornices, rosettes, arches, ceiling panels and other plaster pieces

Home owners with these period homes are keen to keep many of these heritage features and this has renewed the popularity of ornamental plaster products which has led to many designs and options for a renovator to choose from and most of the pieces are affordable so that these can be included in the renovation budget.

Decorative Plaster Pieces Installed For A Restoration

We love working closely with builders when doing home renovation and restoration work.

If you have a heritage home then you need to work with builders and plastering contractors who are experienced in transforming these challenging building restoration works.

There is skill needed in keeping the right features and blending them into a more contemporary look or modern areas in a home.

Often times the true extent of the restoration work needed is not discovered until part way through the job and one of our skills is that we are able to adapt to the challenges that each job brings with it without the drama and this is why we love this type of work!

There is nothing cut and paste or cookie cutter style of plastering work in a restoration job on a Queenlander or a Victorian style Terrace home.

At Brisbane Plaster Pro,our team of plastering contractors are highly skilled with years of experience and very detail orientated.

Seeing the high ceilings being transformed with straight lines, no sags and decorative cornices and even a ceiling rose brings a smile to our faces.

There is so much pride when you can stand back from the renovation and seeing how much style and class of an old home that was preserved and able to be seamlessly blended in the modern lines needed for today's modern homes.

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Brisbane plastering work done

Ceiling Roses, Rosettes, Cornices And Installed

Some of the most common ornamental plaster products that we install for our clients are:

  • Decorative cornices
  • Arches
  • Ceiling domes and panels
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Rosettes
  • Ceiling roses,
  • Light sconces

These plaster pieces are produced by pouring wet plaster into plaster moulds. They are then cured and sold as individual pieces or in sets to create a larger feature piece

When we install them, they will look like they have always being a part of your home.

Bring style and class to all your restorative work and Brisbane Plaster Pro would love to be considered for all of this type of work

We work all over the Brisbane metro area,

" Ceilings must always be considered

They are the most neglected space in a room "

Albert Hadley - US interior Designer

By offering complete interior solutions, we will save you time and money!

Queenslander Renovation Contractors Offering Cornicing Coving And All Interior Lining Work

To learn more about our plastering and-renovation services in Brisbane call us to arrange for a free quote, simply contact us on (07) 30640686

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